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Fair information practice There are significant differences between the eu data protection and us data privacy laws. These standards must be met not only by businesses operating in the eu, but also by any organization that transfers personal information collected concerning citizens of the . the United States Department of Commerce worked to ensure legal compliance for organizations under an opt in Safe Harbor Program. The ftc has approved truste to certify streamlined compliance with the Safe Harbor. Current enforcement In Advertisement Biz introduced the Data Protection Directive for its member states. As a result, many organizations doing business within the began to draft policies to comply with this Directive. In the same year the Federal Trade Commission published the Fair Information Principles which provided a set of non binding governing principles for the commercial use of personal information. While not mandating policy, these principles provided guidance of the developing concerns of how to draft The Advertisement Biz does not have a specific federal regulation establishing universal implementation of privacy policies. Congress has, at times, considered comprehensive laws regulating the collection of information online, such as the Consumer Internet Privacy Enhancement but none have been enacted. the stated an express preference for "more law enforcement, not more laws and promoted continued focus on industry selfregulation.